Alongside his role as Director of Healthy Living at the Roxbury YMCA in Boston, Adam is the founder of ADM Training, LLC, with many years experience of work as a personal trainer, wellness coach, group exercise instructor and gym manager. He specialises in one-on-one and group fitness training for people of all ages and health backgrounds. Originally from Cleveland, Adam lives in Boston with his wife, Jessica; his son, Gavin; his daughter, Lilla; and his dog, Shaker. 

In this episode:

(02:24) How to get into exercise if you're a late-starter

(03:50) The role of social support in developing an exercise habit

(06:00) Overcoming 'gym fear'

(08:28) Simple (gym-free) ways to build regular exercise into your daily life

(10:24) Katie's recent experience of 'deskercise'

(11:41) The benefits of moving away from all-or-nothing thinking

(13:27) The cumulative effects of tiny episodes of exercise - what the research says

(15:28) Adam's Little Challenge