Amanda Blainey is the founder of Doing Death, an organisation that opens up authentic conversations about death and dying. In addition to working with a local hospice she is involved in a charity which records the life stories of terminally ill patients in the UK.


Currently Amanda is training to be a death doula and runs a Death Café - a regular popup event for people to discuss their mortality.  She is also the author of Do Death, due for publication later in 2019.

In this episode:

(02:04) The purpose behind Doing Death

(02:49) Common reactions to the subject of death

(03:57) Why the Death Café movement was founded

(05:30) What happens at a Death Café

(07:59) Why people go to a Death Café

(08:56) What people say about their experiences of going to a Death Café

(09:29) The 'death elephant'

(10:45) Amanda's experience of volunteering in a hospice

(12:26) Katie reflects on having a 'bonus life'

(13:18) The big question

(13:32) A life/death metaphor from David Hieatt

(14:20) Amanda's Little Challenge