The Amiko membership site features simple, evidence-based ideas that can help to promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Watch videos, listen to podcast interviews, read articles and research papers, or find ideas of things to try - there's lots to explore. And because we update the site each week, new content is appearing all the time.


The site is designed to complement Amiko Cards - the self-care tool that helps you to notice your physical and psychological needs in any given moment. However you don't need to have a pack of the cards to use the website. It's a comprehensive resource all by itself.


    Each suit has a different theme. This page features an overview of the Diamonds - a suit focusing on clarity and perspective. 

    Each card in the deck has its own page, featuring things to read, watch, listen to and experiment with relating to the theme of that particular card.

    As well as information about each card, there's a Tools and Resources section, featuring information about behaviour change, habits and more.

    There is space to comment at the bottom of each page, so you can share your own ideas and suggestions for new content.

    What are people saying about Amiko Cards and the Amiko membership site?

    I love the look, feel, and of course the content and message of the Amiko Cards - and the new website is such a big support!  I predict that you will have a big impact with all this.

    Professor, University of Michigan Ross Business School  - Author,  All you have to do is ask

    The cards have been a hit with the Center for Advanced Hindsight. They have a permanent home in our main lounge area and lab members have told me they really like them.

    Principal, The Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University - Head of Behavioral Science, Pattern Health.

    I enjoy pulling a card from my deck at random, then visiting the corresponding link on Amiko. I am continually pleased, and a little bit amazed, how useful I find the attached resources.

    Educator, consultant and Founding Director of Puget Sound Community School, Seattle.

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