Andy Smallman is an educator who has worked in the field of kindness for nearly three decades. From co-founding Puget Sound Community School in Seattle, with its pioneering Kindness Curriculum, to creating the 'Secret Agent of Compassion' missions for the worldwide Compassion Games, Andy has made it his personal mission to promote ordinary activities that 'awaken kindness, help people connect to their true nature and increase peace in the world'.

In this episode:

(01:33) The boy who inspired Andy's journey of kindness.

(02:43) An early experiment in using the Internet as a tool to promote connection, kindness and compassion.

(04:43) A mathematical metaphor for personal wholeness.

(05:31) The kindness paradox.

(08:10) A simple way of being kind to yourself.

(09:13) Andy's latest kindness projects.

(10:35) The 'Secret Agent of Compassion'.

(13:07) Andy's Little Challenge.

(15:36) On channels, conduits and creativity.

(18:34) Something to try on days when kindness is hard to find.

(21:06) The kindness 'muscle'.