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"It tells the story of the life-saving writing practice I discovered by accident, charts the ups and downs of learning to rewire a brain after decades of anxiety and depression and shares many learnings from along the way. I'm only about 80,000 words into the first draft, it doesn't have a title yet and I'm not committing to a definite publication date - so why would you buy it now?


Good question."

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A one-hour consultation with Katie (by Skype or phone) with a month of follow-up email support




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The big Little Challenges idea

(and how your support could make all the difference)


  • So what's the idea?

    As we all know, there’s loads of great research, information and advice out there, much of it freely available. If you want to figure out how to change your life, you only have to spend 10 minutes online and you’ll find countless things you can try. 


    The problem is that when someone is overwhelmed, figuring out where to go and what to do can be just too much to cope with.


    We want Little Challenges to become a go-to source of trustworthy information and easy-to-implement ideas. Somewhere you can find tools to help with a range of 'being human'-related issues in a range of formats (audio, video, text, graphics) to suit your particular learning style. A place to hear about other people's experiences of overcoming challenges in their lives and share your own.


    We also want to make sure that everything we create is available to people who need it, regardless of income.


    And therein lies our challenge. 

  • How your support could help

    If you like what Little Challenges is all about and would like to support us in developing it further, there are lots of things you can do to help. Here are some suggestions:


    • mention this site to other people who might be interested too, in person, by email or on social media
    • join our new Little Challenges ideas community where you can make suggestions, give feedback on new resources as they are created and take part in regular online seminars, as much or as little as you wish to
    • pre-order Katie's upcoming book (knowing that it might take a little while before you actually get a copy!)
    • make a donation to help us cover the running costs of the project and enable Katie to offer free or low-cost sessions to people who couldn't otherwise afford them

"I have worked with Katie on and off for a little while now and over that time we have talked a lot about various ideas. It's only through making little changes and sticking to them have I seen progress. And it's hard work. But when I can see something small change, it's helped me feel stronger and more confident. Thank you Katie for helping me see a way forward and believing in me. I'm blessed to be involved in this project!"

"With Little Challenges, I received manageable tasks from Katie, personally customised to my needs.  I was given the opportunity to put new healthy habits into place gradually and gently which slowly built up my confidence that I could achieve my goals. I can highly recommend working with Katie, she is insightful, reliable and very pragmatic in her approach.”