Bruce Anderson has spent nearly 30 years exploring the subject of gifts and helping people all over the world to identify and contribute the gifts they have. He's an author, speaker, leadership coach, Executive Director of the Core Gift Institute and faculty member of the Asset Based Community Development Institute at DePaul University, Chicago.

In this episode:

(02:56) The difference between 'gifts' and 'skills'

(03:47) The three basic kinds of gift

(04:27) The first sub-gift: wisdom

(04:49) The second sub-gift: talent

(05:16) The third sub-gift: the passage gift

(06:21) Unlocking the 'seeds' of who we are

(07:45) Exploring the idea of 'passage gifts'

(10:40) How passage gifts differ from other kinds of gift

(13:21) How a gift-focused approach can transform the way we see one another

(14:07) The connection between gifts and purpose

(15:12) How an awareness of gifts can transform the experience of teamwork

(16:45) The joy of focusing on one's gifts

(17:53) Three simple ways to help us recognise our gifts

(20:44) The Core Gift Discovery Interview

(21:30) Bruce's Little Challenge