Photograph by Charlie Budd.

Charlie Gladstone is a man who believes in jumping in at the deep end. He's co-founder of The Good Life Experience - a festival of music, culture, food and the great outdoors - which takes place in the grounds of the Gladstone family home at Hawarden Castle in North Wales. With his wife, Caroline, he has co-written The Family Guide to the Great Outdoors, founded the vintage and homeware brand, Pedlars and been involved in creating and running numerous other small businesses. He's also the host of The Mavericks Podcast

In this episode:

(01:43) The essence of the 'good life' for Charlie

(03:50) An attribute Charlie considers essential for people who are self-employed

(05:45) Where does confidence come from?

(07:32) A simple way to make life just a little bit better - for all of us

(09:02) The number one thing that people say about The Good Life Experience

(09:45) The benefits of courtesy and kindness - both inside and out

(11:25) Charlie's biggest kindness to himself

(12:13) On bright line rules

(13:17) The value of doing what you say you will do even when you don't feel like it

(14:02) On duty

(14:58) Pushing through discomfort as a way of building self-confidence

(18:23) Charlie's personal experience of building self-confidence

(20:32) Charlie's Little Challenge