Emma J. Bell is the founder of The Global Resilience Project. Through her work, she has travelled over 35,000 miles to interview 50 extraordinary individuals who have found ways to thrive in the face of adversity. Her aim is to discover common resilience strategies are that can enable us all to thrive, every day, and use these to develop a 'resilience blueprint'.


A former top-ranked employment lawyer, Emma now focuses her time on her work as a speaker, coach, host of The Inside Shift podcast and author. Her first book, The True You, is available online and from all good bookstores.


In this episode:

(04:06) The first 'secret to thriving'.

(04:19) Some examples of powerful self-care practices.

(06:03) A similarity between human beings and mobile phones.

(07:15) How Emma's friend, Buddy, helps her to keep physically well.

(07:42) A principle to remember when choosing which form of exercise to do.

(08:32) Emma's favourite way to take care of her mental health.

(09:15) On the importance of dreaming.

(10:35) The worst thing that's happened as a result of Emma's 'barefaced, outrageous' audacity...

(11:40) A new way of thinking about fear.

(12:15) The behaviour Emma decided to change and what happened when she did.

(13:56) The process Emma used to change her own behaviour and how we can find out more about it.

(14:32) What Emma considers to be the most valuable, rarely taught life skill.

(16:40) Emma's Little Challenge.