As a former Commander in the United States Coast Guard, Executive Director of the Sasamani Foundation and founder of leadership development company, Be Mohr LLC, Erica Mohr has a wealth of experience in helping others to lead, perform at their best and move past limiting beliefs. In our conversation, we explore her work around women in leadership, delve into the world of 'mindset' and find out why a 'sample size of one' is what really matters.

In this episode:

(03:19) The 'confidence gap' experienced by women in leadership roles

(04:04) What does research tell us can help women to feel more confident?

(05:12) On role models

(05:50) The problem with pedestals

(06:13) The myth of talent

(07:39) Overcoming the fear of not-very-good-ness

(08:15) Fixed vs growth mindset

(11:27) Normalising fear and discomfort in the learning experience

(12:02) "I love a challenge!"

(12:59) Katie's learning metaphor

(14:03) A reassuring paradox from Erica

(14:24) The challenge of an expert-focused culture

(17:55) Erica's Little Challenge