Fiona Cameron is co-founder and director of Sticky Change, a company that inspires people and organisations to do things differently. When not travelling the world in her work as a coach, trainer and consultant for a wide variety of clients, Fiona can often be found walking the Welsh hills with a boisterous labradoodle...  

In this episode:

(01:45) How do people generally respond when they are expected to change?

(02:36) The human 'negativity bias'

(03:11) Some simple ways to get past the negativity bias, in ourselves and others

(04:18) A crucial element in the process of behaviour change

(05:15) What has Fiona learned about helping people prepare for change?

(05:55) One of the single most significant things we need in order to be resilient

(06:30) Fiona's book recommendation

(06:38) What is TATT?

(08:01) Why Fiona didn't want to read the book at first

(09:23) How can employees change company culture from the inside out?

(12:08) Intellectual understanding vs actual behaviour change

(12:43) How habits help us conserve brain energy

(12:55) Some ways to make it more likely that new habits will stick

(13:48) Temptation bundling

(14:30) The productivity pros and cons of using a timer

(16:10) Where do we get our best ideas?

(16:55) Fiona's Little Challenge