Ghilaine is a 'people-centric' coach and business consultant, working with organisations and individuals to help them perform, communicate and work together better. In our conversation she explains why a creating personal 'User Manual' can help us to improve our relationships and suggests some questions to help get things started. 

In this episode:

(01:50) Why it isn't always a good idea to treat others the way we wish to be treated...

(03:00) How social media can make it harder for us to really get to know one another

(03:52) Introducing the personal 'User Manual'

(05:37) How opening up about her family life helped Ghilaine improve her work relationships

(08:01) Some useful questions to ask when writing your manual

(10:45) A simple prompt for self-awareness

(12:18) The advantages of making things less 'personal'

(14:12) Moving away from judgement

(14:51) Ghilaine's Little Challenge