Hilary Gallo describes himself as an 'enabler'. He began his career as a lawyer, deal negotiator and corporate 'problem solver', growing steadily more interested in the 'people' side of his work as the years went on. More recently he has chosen to focus on work as a coach and author. He has written two books, The Power of Soft - a 'whole life guide' to solving problems more creatively - and the just-published Fear Hack - an exploration of our relationship with fear and how we can transform it.

In this episode:

(01:17) What is a 'Fear Hack'?

(04:50) On creating an 'anti-wall'.

(05:53) One of the biggest fears that many of us have.

(06:38) What happens when people share their fears.

(09:01) A world of 'should'.

(10:18) Hilary's personal approach to creating 'safe space' for himself and others.

(13:03) A simple practice that can help when your mood drops.

(16:15) Hilary's Little Challenge.