James is a musician and vocal leader with a passion for bringing people together to sing. He leads a number of weekly open-access choirs and regularly delivers vocal workshops for groups and organisations, with a focus on inclusivity and confidence-building.  


His first book ‘Do Sing: Reclaim Your Voice and Find Your Singing Tribe’, will be published by Do Book Company in September 2019.

In this episode:

(02:56) Community building through singing.

(05:00) Singing as a tool for stress-management.

(06:05) Parallels between singing and running.

(06:50) Think you can't sing? A message from James and Katie...

(07:22) The question that helps James to do his best work.

(08:50) The behaviour James decided to change and how it improved his life.

(10:27) Singing as a form of mindfulness.

(12:19) James' Little Challenge.