Jason Hreha is a neuroscientist, behavioural designer and founder of Dopamine, Silicon Valley's first applied behavioural science consulting firm. At the time of our conversation, he was Global Head of Behavioural Sciences at Walmart, however he has now moved on and is preparing to publish a new book...

In this episode:

(01:22) Why Jason believes that 'grandmother wisdom' is often more useful to us than behavioural science

(03:17) Why Katie found academic literature more helpful than 'dad wisdom'

(05:14) On common sense and trusting our instincts

(07:33) Analysis vs practical experimentation

(10:36) The new customer 'treasure hunt' at Sam's Club

(12:18) The challenge of helping to design a new cashier-less store

(14:33) We're certainty-seeking creatures - or are we?

(15:13) Neuroticism, openness and conscientiousness

(17:42) Can our personality change?

(19:26) A common problem with 'self help'

(19:42) How much can we influence our children?

(20:16) The approach to self help that Katie has found most valuable in her life

(21:07) "There's no such thing as a bad personality"

(22: 18) Jason's Little Challenge