Jennifer Beatty is a research coordinator at Wharton People Analytics, a research centre at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She is part of a team investigating human behaviour at work, exploring topics such as collaboration, culture and sustainable behaviour change. 


A former Teach for America corps member, Jenn is passionate about exploring ways to help others to flourish. Her most recent work focuses on the subject of oppression - how it shows up in society and in our own minds, and how it can be overcome.

In this episode:

(03:37) Jenn introduces the concept of 'iceberg beliefs'

(05:12) A simple way to make self-limiting beliefs easier to spot

(08:01) Advice on self-compassion from Maya Angelou

(08:59) On being a recovering perfectionist

(10:43) A story of using questions to overcome self-oppressing beliefs

(13:44) How we can inadvertently transfer our self-oppressing beliefs onto others

(15:16) A question to ask in difficult interpersonal situations

(17:19) Our responsibility when we find ourselves in positions of power

(18:52) How to respond when we feel judged by others

(20:15) Finding purpose: jobs, careers and callings

(22:41) On recognising your calling

(23:38) The benefit of hindsight

(25:18) Jenn's Little Challenge