Joshua Freedman is CEO and one of the co-founders of Six Seconds, the global community growing emotional intelligence. An educator, author, researcher and parent, Josh translates the latest neuroscience of emotion into practical insights we can all use to connect, solve problems, lead, and live better.


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In this episode:

(01:09) Katie surprises Joshua with an unexpected 'thank you'

(02:04) Joshua explains the idea of 'emotional contagion'

(04:34) How have things changed since Joshua gave his TED talk in 2014?

(07:07) Some of the ways in which the bias against emotions shows up

(08:14) Why, from a neuroscience perspective, regarding emotions as irrational is...irrational

(08:55) Joshua's hyper-rational early environment

(10:26) The defining moment in which Joshua began to pay attention to his emotions

(13:48) Why curiosity is at the heart of developing greater emotional intelligence

(14:37) A Buddhist principle regarding suffering

(14:53) The difference between suffering and pain

(17:32) The role of meaning in helping us to navigate painful experiences

(19:48) Two of the most important things Joshua has gained during his 25 years of exploring emotional intelligence

(20:30) Joshua's Little Challenge

(22:03) On 'big emotions'

(23:38) How Joshua's relationship with smiling has changed