Kristian Brodie and Adam Shakinovsky have been friends for years, but only started working in partnership relatively recently when a shared passion for storytelling brought them together. In our conversation they talk about what happens when people have the opportunity to tell a  story about a piece of music that changed their life - and how helping others to do exactly that has been life-changing for them too. 

In this episode:

(02:03) The story behind 'One Track Minds'

(04:26) Introducing 'Hidden Tracks'

(05:30) Community building through storytelling

(06:46) The 'One Track Minds' brief

(07:50) The chair - and why it matters

(09:05) The opportunity to 'craft' yourself through storytelling

(10:45) Adam's unexpected reaction to telling his story

(11:50) Storytelling as a tool in moving on

(12:36) The danger of getting stuck in your 'greatest hits'

(13:23) 'The most incredible free therapy'

(16:06) DIY 'One Track Minds' - some helpful prompts for storytelling

(17:54) Choosing a life-changing song

(19:08) Kristian's 'Little Challenge'

(20:24) Adam's 'Little Challenge'