Lesley Graney is the founder of Random Acts of Nonsense. She started RAON as a WhatsApp group with friends in response to her devastating diagnosis of secondary breast cancer, encouraging everyone to seize the moment, embrace ridiculousness and make memories with the people they love. RAON soon developed into a website and a series of live events, before blossoming into an interactive family show as part of Brighton Fringe festival.


Lesley has a background in performing arts with 20 years' experience as a teacher, and has a passion for using drama to transform young people's lives.

In this episode:

(01:19) An introduction to RAON

(02:02) The link between nonsense and creating memories

(04:09) Acts of Nonsense during lockdown

(05:06) Some examples of Random Acts of Nonsense

(09:15) How can we become more nonsensical?

(12:43) Ways to use the RAON cards

(13:16) Lesley talks about the life-changing experience which inspired the project

(15:56) "You think it's going to happen to somebody else"

(16:52) The challenges of talking about cancer

(20:51) The importance of going out of your comfort zone and taking that little extra step

(21:24) "Like heartburn but better"

(24:25) Lesley's Little Challenge