Michael is the founder and designer at Always Wear Red, a clothing brand whose aim is to create confidence. He is also the author of 50odd, a blog he describes as 'daily mind-food for anybody at all that is, was or plans to be 50odd'. 

In this episode:

(01:35) Michael's 'whirlwind of newness'

(02:02) The purpose of Always Wear Red

(03:38) The human significance of 1000 months

(05:28) Finding your own, individual style

(06:20) From Robert Redford to David Lynch

(08:24) The importance of awkwardness

(11:02) On embracing change

(12:22) Salman Rushdie and 'endism'

(13:21) Why doing what you're born to do is an act of generosity

(14:22) Michael's Little Challenge

(15:23) Buy less, buy better