Peter Lefort is the Community Network Manager of the Eden Project and a trustee of the Transition Network. His work emphasises the importance of developing personal wellbeing and resilience - specifically through building strong connections with one's community.


In our conversation we explore the subject of loneliness, the protective value of being actively involved in community life and how to recognise the 'drivers' that motivate us - and start challenging them.

In this episode:

(02:37) The different types of isolation

(03:20) Misconceptions about loneliness

(03:52) The importance of being able to make a meaningful contribution to one's community

(06:22) The main benefits Peter observes when people become active in their community

(07:39) Peter describes the experience of burnout

(09:08) The 'drivers' that can lead us to burnout

(11:10) The advantages of talking with others about our drivers

(11:43) Katie's surprising experience of talking about drivers

(12:43) Peter and Katie exchange stories of noticing their drivers in action

(15:47) Is it self-indulgent to spend time exploring these things?

(18:02) The myth of 'doing nothing'

(22:24) Peter's Little Challenge