The Little Challenges Podcast

Each week, Katie interviews a different guest and invites them to suggest a Little Challenge that listeners can try for themselves. 

SERIES 2: May - October 2019

On stretching time (and stepping outside of it) with Robert Poynton, author of 'DO / Pause'.

Using questions to overcome self-oppressing beliefs with Jenn Beatty of Wharton People Analytics.

Exploring personality with Silicon Valley's leading behaviour change scientist, Jason Hreha.

Exploring the power of writing to heal emotional trauma with resilience expert, Stacy Brookman. 

On sleep, energy management and how to thrive in uncertain times with Fiona Cameron of Sticky Change.

On self-knowledge and finding your unique path in life with Bruce Anderson of the Core Gift Institute.

Exploring learning, mindset and how to build confidence with leadership development expert,  Erica Mohr. 

On freedom and saying 'yes' to challenge with founder of the Good Life Experience, Charlie Gladstone.

What's in a song? A conversation with Kristian Brodie and Adam Shakinovsky of One Track Minds.

On finding focus in the digital age with Nir Eyal, author of 'Hooked' and 'Indistractable'.

Rebuilding a life - Debbie Hampton talks about depression and her recovery from serious brain injury.

How to recognise burnout - and the 'drivers' that can lead us there, with Peter Lefort of the Eden Project.

How to listen to one another better with Anna Carus-Wilson and Neil Bett of Frank Partners.

Simple ways to a more mindful life with Tracy Fink of the Tortoise Institute.

How can we learn better and more easily? A chat with Kay Peterson of the Experiential Learning Institute.



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