For more than 25 years, Ralph Campbell has worked in the field of leadership development, diversity awareness training and youth mentoring. He is passionate in his belief that all individuals have the capacity to be leaders and, in his role as an executive coach at Learning Optimized and coCelerate, he helps others to develop that potential - in part, through developing their skills of listening and self-awareness. 

In this episode:

(02:59) Why is it so easy for our minds to wander when we're listening?

(04:16) 'Already, always listening'

(07:37) The five levels of listening

(12:52) An exercise in developing empathy - through listening to music

(14:00) How do we get better at listening?

(15:16) Some simple ways to treat others with dignity

(16:01) The importance of an external rather than an internal focus when listening

(17:55) How can good listening help us to move past unconscious bias?

(18:45) The predictive brain

(22:18) "How do we reduce racism? How do we reduce these cultural biases we all have?"

(23:40) Ralph's Little Challenge