Robert Poynton is a facilitator, coach, improviser and designer of learning experiences. He's an Associate Fellow of Saïd Business School at Oxford University and the author of DO / Improvise and the recently published, DO / Pause. He lives off-grid outside a small town in central Spain.

In this episode:

(02:14) Is our pace of life really accelerating?

(03:56) Distraction - a result of our relationship with new technology, or something more hard-wired?

(06:13) How Robert is managing to 'pause' in the midst of a busy book launch

(07:53) 'A defense against the reflexive yes'

(09:26) On designing a system to support your future self

(10:04) Common misconceptions around time

(10:20) On Unconscious Thought Theory

(11:16) Do we have more than one mind?

(12:06) Pausing as a 'portal' to a different state of mind

(13:02) The value of going off the beaten track

(14:24) How stress changes our perception of time - and what we can do about it

(17:02) On developing time literacy

(18:40) How Isaac Newton transformed our perception of time

(20:00) Why there's more time upstairs than downstairs

(21:46) The to not do list

(22:50) Four characters of activity - and how mixing them up can help us do more, more easily

(24:33) On getting more out of life

(25:33) Robert's Little Challenge