Rob Moore is Director at Behaviour Change, the not-for-profit social enterprise that helps people do the right thing. Over the last 12 years he has built up a wealth of experience in using behavioural insight to encourage positive social and environmental change.

In this episode:

(02:55) Why we make irrational decisions.

(05:00) How websites encourage us to hit the 'buy' button more quickly than we might otherwise.

(07:06) A practical example of how we can use behavioural theory to help us do more of the things we want and fewer of those we don't.

(08:41) Why NOT putting your shoes away might help you to get more exercise.

(09:05) 'Right place, right time' nudging.

(11:16) How to make it more likely you'll follow through on your intentions.

(13:30) Using 'friction' to your advantage.

(14:30) Rob's Little Challenge.