Productivity and self-leadership expert, Sally, has presented to, coached and worked with 10,000+ managers and leaders from medium sized to global organisations across the world. She brings a unique blend of experiences and exceptional qualifications - and her clients rave about her. In 2018, Sally was named as one of the 25 LinkedIn Top Voices for Australia.

In this episode:

(04:32) The psychological benefits of making pikelets (even when you burn some).

(05:36) Sally's three areas of productivity.

(06:50) What makes you procrastinate?

(07:28) A practical example of how Sally would help someone to overcome procrastination. 

(10:16) The biggest hindrance to productivity, according to Sally's research.

(12:23) Sally's number one tip for overcoming perfectionism.

(13:54) Katie's Next Right Step technique.

(14:43) How celebrating little achievements can help us to make dreaded tasks more fun.

(16:03) Sally's Little Challenge.