Sharon Danzger is the founder of Control Chaos and author of Super-Productive: 120 Strategies to Do More and Stress LessHer firm helps clients improve their productivity through corporate training and personalised coaching. She’s consulted for a variety of businesses, from international conglomerates to small companies and nonprofits.


Sharon is a guest lecturer at Columbia University’s Executive MBA program and an Assistant Instructor at the University of Pennsylvania.

In this episode:

(03:52) A simple tip to help you reduce distraction when you’re at your computer.

(05:20) What most people are actually doing when they think they’re multi-tasking.

(07:44) “Sitting is the new smoking” - a simple way to sit less and move more.

(10:00) How a change in mindset can change your physical response to stress.

(14:20) Feeling nervous? Read this.

(15:47) A 30-second exercise that calms the ‘fight or flight’ response.

(17:27) Sharon’s Little Challenge.