Silja Litvin is a psychologist and the founder and CEO of PsycApps Digital Mental Health, developer of the multi-award winning eQuoo - the Emotional Fitness Game. Her company uses AI, gamification and psychology to help people help themselves.

In this episode:

(01:45) Silja explains how her company is working to reduce the symptoms of depression.

(03:05) Katie shares her own, early experience of gamification.

(04:36) Silja talks about the psychological 'toolset'.

(06:43) The sliding scale of mental health.

(07:28) A simple skill that can help reduce anxiety and depression.

(09:36) An introduction to playing eQuoo.

(11:11) The dopamine post-it-note.

(12:04) The wisdom of Mary Poppins.

(13:37) Where games beat self-help books.

(17:43) What inspired Silja to become a psychologist.

(18:58) Silja's Little Challenge.

(22:04) 'Online Gaming Therapy'.