Award-winning beatboxer and live looper, SK Shlomo has collaborated with an extraordinary range of artists including Björk, Ed Sheeran and Damon Albarn. He recently complete his solo debut album Surrender - and found himself facing some unexpected challenges along the way.


Alongside his work as a musician, Shlo hosts the mental health awareness livestream #WEARELISTENING and has welcomed guests including Bill Bailey, Jason Mraz and Kodaline.

In this episode:

(01.54) The 'whirlwind' of career success at a young age.

(02:12On being driven by a sense of 'not-enough-ness'.

(03.13) Avoidance as a way of managing fear.

(03: 58) The 'pit of despair'.

(04:35) The most powerful step in Shlo's process of recovery.

(05:58) Recognising the slippery nature of addictions.

(07:46) The transformative power of honesty.

(08:49) On social media 'trolling'.

(09:38) Social networks as a protective factor during moments of desperation.

(11:08) An excerpt from 'Invisible' - from SK Shlomo's new album, 'Surrender'.

(12:20) Exploring the creative process.

(15:25) Some of the tools Shlo uses to keep himself well.

(16:45) The tricky thing about giving up coffee.

(17:45) Shlo's 'Little Challenge'.