Stacy Brookman is a resilience and lifestory-telling expert. She hosts the Real Life Resilience podcast and is founder of the Emotional Abuse Recovery and Resilience Summit. She also has an extraordinary personal story of the transformative power of writing...

In this episode:

(01:30) Stacy shares her story of the transformative power of writing

(02:44) Memoir writing as a technique for finding personal clarity

(03:31) The 'two minute miracle'

(05:31) Writing as an antidote to helplessness

(06:17) On hiding behind a 'professional persona'

(07:47) A message of hope for anyone experiencing a tough time right now

(08:49) An unexpected benefit of writing

(09:41) The stories we tell: redemption vs contamination

(11:11) Writing as a tool for easing PTSD

(11:57) The value of developing a practice of conscious introspection

(13:37) A practical approach to making introspection a daily habit

(14:36) Stacy's Little Challenge