Tracy Fink is the founder of the Tortoise Institute, an organisation which offers science-based programs focusing on building emotional intelligence and compassion as key drivers to building resilience: a super power in today's rapidly changing world. She’s a frequent speaker on topics including ‘Navigating Difficult Conversations’ and 'Courageous Leadership' and her most recent work explores the art of negotiation.

In this episode:

(02:14) Moving from an adversarial to an 'interest-based' mindset

(02:53) How can we pave the way for a win-win experience?

(05:35) How can we use body language to help us get better results?

(08:18) The five core emotional components to consider when negotiating

(10:45) Negotiation in everyday life

(12:03) The power of the pause

(14:04) How honest communication can help to defuse tension in negotiations

(18:10) Tracy's Little Challenge